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It's official: the aging-in-place platform Wanda is now available in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area! For a limited time, get 30% off your rides.

Aging-in-Place Platform Wanda Officially Launches in Phoenix

It’s official: the aging-in-place platform Wanda is now publicly available in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area!

Developed by the leadership of MTM, Inc., a leading name in the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) sector since 1995, Wanda is an innovative aging-in-place platform. The platform offers caregivers a reliable solution for managing essential services, ensuring the overall health, wellness, and independence of their loved ones as they age in the comfort of their own homes. As part of the initial launch in Phoenix, Wanda offers community transportation services for aging populations, including rides to shopping, social gatherings, religious activities, crucial appointments, and more. As a limited time introductory offer, Wanda is offering a 30% discount on every ride booked.

Alaina Macia, President and CEO of MTM and the founder of Wanda, shares her enthusiasm for this groundbreaking service: “Wanda is not just a technology platform; it’s a promise. A promise that when you need care, we are there for you. We know that it’s impossible for caregivers to be multiple places at once. Our passion is for empowering caregivers and enabling them to provide the best possible care for their loved ones, even when they’re not by their side.”

Wanda serves as a secure, user-friendly platform that simplifies the aging-in-place experience. Acting as a virtual helping hand at your fingertips, Wanda enables caregivers to deliver remote care seamlessly. From organizing rides to essential appointments to arranging for grocery and meal deliveries, Wanda is committed to lightening the load for caregivers.

“At the heart of what we do is our mission of linking you or your loved one to the kind of care we’d want for our very own family,” Macia continued. “It’s all about that special connection and top-notch care.”

The key features that make Wanda a trusted solution for caregivers include:

  • A private, secure platform for coordinating services
  • Multiple levels of service to fit every need
  • The backing of MTM, which ensures an extra layer of secure oversight
  • Trained, trustworthy providers with a track record of reliable service
  • Secure communication channels to keep caregivers and trusted contacts informed


Looking forward, Wanda plans to expand into additional markets and introduce supplementary services throughout 2024. Caregivers will soon have access to services such as grocery and meal deliveries, in-home assistance scheduling, and home modification planning–all conveniently accessible through Wanda.

Remember, when you need care, Wanda is there. 

About Wanda

Wanda is an aging-in-place platform developed by the leadership team at MTM, Inc. With a commitment to providing top-notch care and fostering a special connection between caregivers and their loved ones, Wanda is designed to make aging at home a seamless and stress-free experience. The platform is currently available in the Phoenix, Arizona market, with plans for expansion and additional services in 2024.

About MTM

MTM is the nation’s most trusted and qualified partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions. Since 1995, MTM has managed NEMT for state and county governments, managed care organizations, health systems, and other programs involving transportation for the disabled, underserved, and elderly. Leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve the user experience for all stakeholders, MTM’s wide spectrum of services help clients improve health outcomes, promote independence, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. In 2009, MTM’s leadership established MTM Transit, an affiliate that provides direct paratransit and fixed route transit services. Every year, MTM and MTM Transit remove community barriers for 15.4 million people by providing more than 20.75 million trips in 31 states and the District of Columbia. MTM and MTM Transit are privately held, woman-owned business enterprises.